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Shirt Service

Every garment that an individual owns has different needs. Usually, the care label guides us about the best way to treat our clothes, but we often rely on the common knowledge we have about the fabric. For example, T-shirts and dress shirts are both made up of different materials and have different needs. While t-shirts can be handled a little roughly, dress shirts are often for professional use and need to be cared for accordingly. Wilmslow Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service near me knows the perfect way to handle all the different types of fabric your shirts could be made of.

Our laundry centre has all types of services available to treat the different materials your shirts are tailored with. So whether your dress shirts are made up of cotton and need to be washed at cold temperatures or made of wool which needs a gentle wash to avoid fabric deformation, some of your shirts may require dry cleaning only. Wilmslow Dry Cleaners are aware of all the dos and don’ts!
Our employees are thoroughly trained and guided about the needs of different fabrics so that you can leave your favourite clothes with us without a worry of damage! We make sure to empty the pockets of your shirts before starting our cleaning process in case you miss it. It is an essential precautionary step as the extra material can end up making your clothes dirtier than before.
However, we suggest our customers check their laundry themselves to avoid losing any precious items. Our vigilant staff will take good care of all of your belongings, and we make sure to inform our customers about any item they might have left behind.

The shirt services provided by Wilmslow Dry Cleaners in Manchester are washing, dry cleaning and ironing, and folding. We also offer alteration and repair services for shirts that do not fit you perfectly. So whether you need the waist size altered or the length of your sleeves changed, our professional tailor can provide you altered shirts with the measurements you provide!

Our skillful staff members wash your t-shirts and dress shirts according to the care label. All of your shirts are separated according to their needs, whether they need to be cleaned gently or vigorously or the water temperature that the fabric requires. Every need of your garment is met to ensure that no material is destroyed and no customer leaves with any regret.

At the end of the day, our customers are very precious to us, and we care enough to make sure that they did not face any hassle in their experience with us. Your feedback helps us grow and improve!